Her Majesty’s Royal Coven

Her Majesty’s Royal Coven is an amazing book by Juno Dawson and is part of a trilogy. The second and third books are not out yet. This book has four main protagonists (all of whom are witches). Their names are Niamh, Leonie, Elle and Helena. Helena is the high Priestess of HMRC (Her Majesty’s Royal Coven). It is one of the first Coven created and it was created by Anne Boleyn (the second wife of Henry VIII). Leonie created a rival Coven called Diaspora and her aim was to create a more inclusive Coven which has more diversity. Niamh is a vet and she uses her abilities to give animals peaceful deaths. Although Elle is from a powerful line of witches she has chosen to live as a mundane (human) housewife.

Helena always puts the Coven first and wants to make sure that the Coven is protected. When a very powerful, young warlock (a male witch) comes along, who has the power to threaten the HMRC, Helena gets worried. She gets Niamh, who is a powerful adept (someone who has multiple powers), to try and read the Warlocks mind as he isn’t cooperating with anyone. She quickly realises that he is just frightened so Niamh brings him to her house to try and get to know him better. As Niamh gets to know the warlock, she realises that he is not the threat everyone thinks that he is.

In this book, Juno Dawson explores the ideas of power and gender in this amazing book. I rated it 4 stars and would recommend it to people over the age of 13.

3 thoughts on “Her Majesty’s Royal Coven”

  1. Not for publication – if you can correct your text, which is wonderful, suggest you changer “there names”
    Gran Turismo (aka Grandpa Tony)


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