You’d Be Home Now

You’d be home now is an incredible book by Kathleen Glasgow. The protagonist is a girl called Emory who has felt invisible all her life. She’s always looking after her older brother, Joey (who has an opioid addiction), and her sister is the perfect, popular girl who she’s always in the shadow of.

Suddenly everything changes for Emmy when her and her brother get in a car accident which kills Candy Mont Clair and reveals Joey’s addiction. Joey is sent to rehab and Emmy has to deal with four months where her sister leaves, her Dad is never home and her already paranoid mum gets even more paranoid. Before she knows it, Emmy’s junior year is starting and her and her brother are going back to school. But the accident is not forgotten. Candy’s friend, who has still not forgiven Emmy or Joey, starts blaming them for what happened when they had nothing to do with Candy’s death. Emmy starts to make friends with Liza, (her old friend), Jeremy (the younger brother of Joey’s friend Luther) and Daniel, (a guy from her English class) and starts to wonder whether she is limited to only being what other people think of her. Does she have to constantly be the good girl? Does she have to constantly make sure her brother stays out of trouble?

This book was amazing and I would rate it 5 stars. I would recommend it for people 13+ as it deals with heavy subjects such as drug use and addiction but I think that it is also a really important book to read. Hope you enjoy it!