How To Make Friends With the Dark

How To Make Friends With The Dark is an amazing book by Kathleen Glasgow. It’s about a girl called Grace, but everyone calls her Tiger. In the book, Tiger is 16 and has only really been close to two people, Cake and her mum. She’s never met her dad either, so its been Tiger and her mum for Tiger’s whole life.

Without any warning, Tiger’s mum suddenly dies. Her whole world gets turned upside down and she has to get used to life without her mum. She becomes property of the state and has to go to her first foster home where she sees the worse side of foster care as the owner of the house is quite cruel and controlling. The next day she gets moved to her new foster home while they find her a permanent one. She meets these two young children and hears their sad stories about how they got into foster. There is also an older child, called Thaddeus, who is around the same age as Tiger. She befriends him and learns about all the good and bad sides of foster care. As she adjust to this new way of living, she finds out more about herself and her family.

I thought it was an amazing read and would rate it 4 stars. I would recommend it for ages 12+ as, especially at the beginning, it is quite sad. If you choose to read it, hope you enjoy it!