Paper Butterflies

This is a review by my friend Rosa.

The book I am going to review is called paper butterflies. It is a beautiful book that made me cry numerous times ( but If you tell anyone I will deny it) The story is about a girl called June. Her mother died when she was seven and it was three years later when her father decided that they should move on. He met a woman named Kathleen who has a daughter called Megan, and in his eyes, Kathleen is the most amazing, generous woman ever. June’s father and Kathleen marry and everything seems perfect. Except it’s not. Everyday, Kathleen switches on a smile that June’s father sees, until he drives off to work. As soon as he leaves the house Kathleen’s true nature kicks in. Kathleen hates June because June is black. Kathleen makes June do horrible things and does not treat her the same as Megan, her real daughter. It is kind of like a Cinderella retelling. At school everyone hates June because she is black ,  they bully her and she is miserable. It seems like all hope is lost until June cycles into the woods one day. She meets a boy named blister who is homeschooled and he sees her for who she really is, not what she looks like. Blister and June become the best of friends and June finally has her own place where she is happy. But her family can never know , otherwise who knows what could happen…
This is a brilliant book, it has something in there for everyone,  it makes the reader experience how hard it is for some people, a really emotional book. I would recommend this to ages 11 and above because it has a few traumatic scenarios in it. I would give this book four and a half stars because the ending is a bit out of the blue. But over all, this is a great book I would recommend , I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

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