First class murder

This is an exhilarating murder mystery book by Robin Stevens. This is the third book in the murder mystery series. Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong ( the protagonists) have already solved two other murders and Hazels Dad doesn’t want her to be solving anymore. He takes both of them on holiday on the orient express to try and keep them away from murder. Everyone on board is hiding something. But lo and behold, one supper a scream is heard. A wealthy heiress is found dead in her room! But the murderer has vanished into thin air. This is Hazel and Daisies first locked room case! It isn’t going to be easy though, there are plenty of people not wanting them to solve the case. There are also other detectives who are trying to solve the case as well…

Who will solve the case?

I would rate this 5 stars and it is suitable for ages 9 plus.