Cookie by Jacqueline Wilson

This book shows you that who you are is all that you can be. Also it shows you how important your family is and that you are so lucky to have a family who loves and cares for you.

Cookie is a family drama kind of book and it is quite brutal at times but also a book that warms your heart. The theme is bullying and it is set in London for most of it but then it moves to Rabbit Cove.

We follow Beauty around for about a month while she deals with her dad and her bullies. We don’t know how old she is but I guess around 9-10.

The main characters are Beauty, Beauty’s parents and two girls from her school. Some of the characters help Beauty while the others hinder.

I love the story because it gives you bucket loads of courage and bravery! The best part is when Beauty and her mum start a sweeter new life. The story makes me feel glad for who I am. I think this book is quite unusual and I learnt from this book that love and support is all you need.

I would recommend this book for 8+

By Evie Nicholls (Chloe’s cousin)