This is a book about a little girl called Matilda. She’s always loved to read and when her mum, her dad and her brother were out of the house, she would sneak to the Library and read lots of books. Soon enough, she had read the entire children section. She then moved on to more advanced books in the adult section of the library. Her dad was a crook and her mum wasn’t very nice to her, and they hated books. They thought that Matilda should watch more TV and read less books. When she started going to school, she got a really nice teacher called Miss Honey. She saw that Matilda was very clever and she tried to get her to move to a higher class. Miss Trunchbull ( the maniacal headmistress) says that she can’t. In one of Matilda’s lessons, Miss Trunchbull comes in and Lavender ( Matilda’s friend) plays a joke on her. Matilda starts to visit Miss Honey and one time when Matilda comes, we find out something mysterious about Miss Honey’s past…

This book is about overcoming fears and doing what you know is right. I absolutely love this book and it’s been one of my favourite books since reception. It’s suitable for ages 5+ and I would rate it 5 stars.

If you decide to get this book, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

By Chloë Willoughby

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