Girl Online

The protagonist in this book is called Penny. She has a best friend called Elliot who lives right next to her. She also has a fake best friend called Meghan who is really mean to her. Penny is really into photography and has her own anonymous blog. She posts pictures and does blog posts. At school, she is the photographer and set designer for Drama productions. She has to take a picture of all the cast on stage. It’s fine at first, but when she takes her picture, she trips and falls off the stage. Instead of getting up and walking away, she just stays there and doesn’t move. Unfortunately, someone caught the whole thing on Camera. Meghan than posts it on Facebook and it goes viral. Luckily, her mum and dad are wedding planners and they have a job in America. Penny didn’t want to go at first as it was going to be during Christmas, but when that happened, she decided that she would go. When they arrive in America, they meet a really nice family. They get asked to do another job and they stay with the family they met. When they go back to England, something big happens and it temporarily ruins her reputation.

This is an absolutely amazing book and I would recommend it to people who are 9+.

If you do decide to get this book, I hope you enjoy it.

By Chloë’s Willoughby

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