The lost hero

The lost hero is part of a series called the Gods of Olympus. It’s from a series which comes after the Percy Jackson series. It is the first book in the series.

In this series, Roman and Greek Demi-gods have to work together to save the world and to stop the rise of Gaea (Gaea is a Titan and is Mother Earth. Even though Mother Earth is supposed to be good, she isn’t). The first part of Hera’s (Greek Goddess of marriage and the family) plan was to get a Roman Demi-god called Jason (son of Zeus) and make him forget his memory. He is put in a school bus and is sitting with his ‘girlfriend’ and his ‘friend’, Piper (daughter of Aphrodite) and Leo (son of Hephaestus). He doesn’t know these people, but Hera has used the mist to create false memories of him. When everyone gets off the bus, they go on this bridge. When they are on that bridge, some evil wind spirits come and they attack everyone. Piper gets blown over the side of the bridge and Jason shows his power for the first time. He controls the winds and lowers himself down to save Piper. After that, there coach, coach hedge, takes them to camp-half blood. Piper and Leo got claimed by their godly parent and everyone else who’s there was wondering why Jason wasn’t getting claimed but Chiron, a centaur (half horse, half person), tells them that Jason has already been claimed. Jason, Leo and Piper have to go on a quest to save Hera as she’s been taken captor by evil monsters.

This book is really good. I would recommend it to people who are 10+. I think adults would like it as well because most of it is quite fun and lighthearted, apart from when they have battles.

If you do get this book, I really hope you enjoy it!

By Chloë Willoughby

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