I am sorry that I haven’t done a review in ages but I would like to show you a story which I wrote for my creative writing competition. 😃 

It is called the highly underestimated princess 👸 👑 🤴

Once, on a snowy mountain top, there was a creaking castle with crumbling grey bricks covered in entangled ivy. Even though it didn’t look inhabited, the Royal Rulers of Mount Donlon, a.k.a. the Prissy-Toodaloos, were merrily enjoying a cup of tea and a “biccie” while playing ‘WHO CAN SHOUT THE LOUDEST?!’. The Prissy-Toodaloos also had two children called Princess Chloë and Prince Jack. Chloë hated her name because she didn’t think of herself as a traditional princess. She could do backflips, fight off bears, and she was an awesome fighter and swordsperson. But no-one appreciated her skills.
In this story we’ll take you to the day of her seventeenth birthday. Her annoying brother, Jack, wasn’t invited to her party so he decided to explore The Whispering Forest. As the Prince strolled through the forest, he heard the whistling of the trees and the rustling of the leaves. He could taste the wind billowing into his gaping mouth. He looked down and saw dents in the tracks and wondered about the Legend of Bob the Dragon.
CRASH! Out of nowhere a faraway fir tree fell and – KABOOM! – sawdust went everywhere. Sadly, the sawdust fluttered into his eyes as well, so he couldn’t react when Bob the Dragon snatched him up in a flash like a stealthy cat pouncing on a meek mouse. Bob the Dragon courageously leaped through the forest like a delicate ballerina on stage carrying Jack under one furry paw. When they finally reached Bob’s castle, Bob flew to the tallest window and locked all the entrances except one so that he could get out. Before he left, he gave Jack sixty million sweets so that Jack would gobble them up and fatten up so that when Bob ate him he would be nice and juicy. Jack did the only sensible thing… he took out his mobile phone and called his sister, Chloë. Just after he called Chloë, his phone EXPLODED! Despite this unfortunate event, Chloë received the message and jumped on her muscular horse named Finn.
Finn galloped as fast as he could through the forest. When Chloë and Finn finally reached their destination, they realised it wasn’t going to be easy – there were spikes and arrows going in and out of the castle, there were rolling logs leading up to every entrance and all kinds of torturous weapons you can think of. Standing there made her wonder, maybe she couldn’t do this, at home she was never allowed on quests, they always said “you can’t do this” and “you can’t do that” because she was a princess! The only reason she decided to embark upon the quest to save her brother was because deep down she realised she loved her brother. What’s more, she remembered all of her secret fighting classes and that she was in the top class at the fighting school also known as FSFACACWAATDF (Fighting School For Advanced Children And Children Who Aren’t Allowed To Do Fighting).
She got out all her swords, daggers, and knives, which totalled one hundred and sixty-seven million (she wondered how her parents hadn’t noticed them in her bedroom). She jammed the arrow holes and chopped apart the rolling logs until she eventually reached the top of the towering castle where Bob the Dragon was lying in wait. It was the Chloë v Bob showdown!
Chloë pretended to retreat but what she was doing was secretly taking some sweets from Jack’s pile. She took out some of the poison that she always kept in a locket round her neck and put two drops on each sweet except for one (she ate that one). She then hurled the sweets into Bob’s mouth using her bare hands. Bob gulped them down and when he realised that they were poisoned he started shooting fire everywhere, so that if he died, Chloë would die as well. But what he didn’t know was that Chloë had hypermotility so she quickly moved her head and her body in different directions (one time her head had been wrapped around her body twice – even she wondered how she managed to get into that position!). Bob finally ran out of puff and died in a very dramatic and drawn out fashion. Chloë quickly tracked down Jack and carried him all the way down the side of Dead Bob’s castle admiring her biceps as she did so.
When finally, they reached the Prissy-Toodaloos mansion, the Prissy-Toodaloos exclaimed (in a particularly prissy way), “Well golly gosh, it turns out you really are fearless Chloë – how we have underestimated you! And by the way, thank you for rescuing your brother. Your dad over there really didn’t fancy it today. He said he’d pulled a muscle!”
Chloë finally felt proud of who she was and didn’t mind her name anymore because she realised you could be fearless even if you are a princess.

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