Diary of the wimpy kid. Double down.

imageThis book 📚 is by Jeff Kinney.

Diary of the wimpy kid double down is set near hallowe’en. Greg’s mum wants him to stop 🛑 looking at 📺 tile and 🎮 video games. So on hallowe’en, after a party 🎉, he went back to his house 🏡. He also didn’t hand out his hallowe’en sweets 🍬. He found the sweets 🧁( his mum hid the sweets). He found some gummy sweets 🍫 and he decided to make a hallowe’en movie 🎥 a movie 🍿 about them making them these terrible man eating snakes. Does he make his mum proud by being rich? Or will he just embarrass himself?

Find out in Diary of the Wimpy kid  double down.