Would you want to live in a world where scientists have conquered death? Well, that’s the world which Citra and Rowan live in. The only way you can die in this world is at the hands of a Scythe, who are the only people who can kill or ‘glean’ as the Scythe’s prefer to call it. Everyone thinks that it is necessary, but that doesn’t stop them from living in fear from the Scythes.

Citra and Rowan both live totally separate lives, but that all changes when a random person invites both Citra and Rowan to an opera. The mystical person turns out to be a Scythe called Scythe Faraday. The reason he invited them to the opera is to ask them to become apprentice Scythes. Citra and Rowan both think that they want nothing to do with Scythes, but they both accept and have to say good bye to their old life and hello to a new life.

Citra and Rowan start to learn the tips and tricks of being a Scythe, but at the first conclave (one of the tests to become a scythe) Citra and Rowan find out that whoever became a Scythe the other would have to glean the other. After that, everything changed…

Scythe is the first book in a trio and would rate it 5 stars. It is by Neal Shusterman and would recommend it for ages 13+ as there are some dark themes in it. If you choose to read this, I hope you enjoy it!

The Princess Trials

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The Princess Trials is set in a dystopian world and it is the first book in a 3 book series. The protagonist of the story is Zea Calico, a sixteen year old girl who was born into the lowest echelon in the walled in City of Phlangloria. The world outside (known as the barrens) has been taken over by deserts and Nuclear War has devastated humanity.

Growing up in the lowest echelon, Zea has gotten to a life full of hunger, thirst and work. The lowest echelon is the harvester region, which means that she has to do work all day. Because of this, Zea joined the Red runners who are a group of people who want to get rid of the echelon system and fight the Royals (the top echelon). The perfect opportunity comes up, the Princess Trials.

Zea thinks of the Princess Trials as just a beauty pageant, but she is soon proved wrong. The trials soon turn deadly as one of Zea’s fellow competitors gets killed. Zea starts to get friendly with Prince Kevin and starts to question whether she really wants to carry on with the mission.

The Princess Trial’s is a fantastic book by Cordelia K Castel which I would recommend to people over the age of 12.

Girl’s can’t hit

Girls can’t hit is an amazing book by T.S. Easton. Its all about how a girl called Fleur (who isn’t very sporty) finds boxing 🥊. Everyone who she knows doesn’t want her to do boxing. Even her best friend Blossom (who is a strong feminist) says she shouldn’t join a male dominated sport. Fleur is surprised when she says this because Blossom was trying to get them to get rid of their girls only boxing class.
In Girl’s can’t hit, Fleur puts everything aside just so that she can focus on boxing. When you get further into the book you start to realise who is willing to change with her and who is stuck wanting the old Fleur.

Girls can’t hit is an inspirational book all about a girl who defies all odds. I would rate it 4.5 stars and I would also recommend it to readers who are 12+.

By Chloë willoughby

The Giver

The Giver is an exceptional book by Lois Lowry. It is part of a quartet and it is the first book in the series. It is also set in a dystopian world.
This book starts off in Jonas’s (the protagonist) kitchen. Jonas, his sister, his mum and his dad are sitting around the kitchen table. Every day, they have to tell their family about their day and their feelings. You can already tell that Jonas lives in a weird place. Jonas was feeling apprehensive because it was the ceremony of the twelves soon. Jonas would be getting his assignment. An assignment is basically a job. Everyone gets older on that day, and every time you get older, you get given something new. You could get given a coat which buttons up the front, or a coat with pockets, or a bike, or an assignment. When it was Jonas’s groups turn, they all went on the stage. When it eventually got to Jonas’s go, they skipped him! Jonas started to get really nervous because the last time the elders had skipped over someone, they hadn’t done enough volunteering hours. When they had eventually done enough volunteering hours, he was given his assignment in private. Anyway, the Chief Elder apologised for making Jonas worried and the Chief Elder told Jonas what his assignment was. I won’t tell you what his assignment is so it will be a surprise for you if you decide to get the book. When Jonas starts his training, he starts to learn the secrets behind what makes his world so perfect. It makes him start to question how ‘perfect’ his world actually is.
This book is amazing but in some places it can be a bit dark. The reason why I think this book is amazing is because the author is constantly building tension. As you start to know Jonas, Lowry drops hints that the place Jonas lives in isn’t as great as once thought. I would recommend it to people who are 11+ as it deals with some quite difficult themes.
If you decide to get this book, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
By Chloë Willoughby

Paper Butterflies

This is a review by my friend Rosa.

The book I am going to review is called paper butterflies. It is a beautiful book that made me cry numerous times ( but If you tell anyone I will deny it) The story is about a girl called June. Her mother died when she was seven and it was three years later when her father decided that they should move on. He met a woman named Kathleen who has a daughter called Megan, and in his eyes, Kathleen is the most amazing, generous woman ever. June’s father and Kathleen marry and everything seems perfect. Except it’s not. Everyday, Kathleen switches on a smile that June’s father sees, until he drives off to work. As soon as he leaves the house Kathleen’s true nature kicks in. Kathleen hates June because June is black. Kathleen makes June do horrible things and does not treat her the same as Megan, her real daughter. It is kind of like a Cinderella retelling. At school everyone hates June because she is black ,  they bully her and she is miserable. It seems like all hope is lost until June cycles into the woods one day. She meets a boy named blister who is homeschooled and he sees her for who she really is, not what she looks like. Blister and June become the best of friends and June finally has her own place where she is happy. But her family can never know , otherwise who knows what could happen…
This is a brilliant book, it has something in there for everyone,  it makes the reader experience how hard it is for some people, a really emotional book. I would recommend this to ages 11 and above because it has a few traumatic scenarios in it. I would give this book four and a half stars because the ending is a bit out of the blue. But over all, this is a great book I would recommend , I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!