Girl’s can’t hit

Girls can’t hit is an amazing book by T.S. Easton. Its all about how a girl called Fleur (who isn’t very sporty) finds boxing 🥊. Everyone who she knows doesn’t want her to do boxing. Even her best friend Blossom (who is a strong feminist) says she shouldn’t join a male dominated sport. Fleur is surprised when she says this because Blossom was trying to get them to get rid of their girls only boxing class.
In Girl’s can’t hit, Fleur puts everything aside just so that she can focus on boxing. When you get further into the book you start to realise who is willing to change with her and who is stuck wanting the old Fleur.

Girls can’t hit is an inspirational book all about a girl who defies all odds. I would rate it 4.5 stars and I would also recommend it to readers who are 12+.

By Chloë willoughby

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