The Night Diary

The Night Diary is set in India in 1947 when Britain split from India. The protagonist is a 12 year old girl called Nisha who’s mum died in childbirth. Her Mum is Muslim and her Dad is Hindu. Nisha lives with her twin brother, Amil, her dad, her grandma and Kazi who cooks meals for them.

Soon into the book, the family find out about Britain splitting from India and that they’ll have to leave from Pakistan to go to India. Unfortunately this meant that Kazi couldn’t go with them as he is Muslim so he had to stay in Pakistan.

At the beginning of the book, Nisha starts to notice the changes which happens after Britain split with India. When Nisha and her family decide that it is safer to walk to India than to take the train. They decide to stop halfway at Nisha’s mums brothers house. This is the house that Nisha’s mum grew up in, so she’s very excited to see it.

This book is amazing and would highly recommend to readers 10+.

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