Ivy + Bean🌾.



Ivy+Bean is about a girl called Bean 🌱 and her friend Ivy . Bean is a naughty girl 😠. But Ivy is sometimes naughty and sometimes good 😠,😆. Ivy has heard a story about a man who was able to talk to animals because he had a pure heart. So the girls decide to try to get birds 🐦 to perch on their fingers to show that they have pure hearts too💖. It’s not quite as simple as either of them would have hoped!

Do they manage it? Find out in the story!

This book is suitable for 6 to 8.

8 thoughts on “Ivy + Bean🌾.”

  1. Since I am 53 (at least, for another 10 days), I suppose I am too old for this book given your recommended age range, but you certainly make it sound like a fun read! I love your beanstalk emoji in the review — it really brings it to life!

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