The Christmasaurus


The  Christmasaurus  is about a boy called William and a dinosaur. William lost his mother in a car crash.He has a friend called Brenda Payne who’s mother got divorced from her father.In this story they travel from England to the North pole on a flying dinosaur!😱 Brenda is William’s arch enemy and he said “she could be the meanest girl in the school (possibly the world).” Two children met a child’s dream, SANTA!!! Santa (as you know) has hundreds and thousands of elves.The elves have only three fingers and they love rhyming and Santa is rubbish at rhyming! Is there a enemy even worse than Brenda? Find out in the story.If you like exciting stories then this is the book for you.

6 thoughts on “The Christmasaurus”

  1. Sounds like this could be good for Evie and Isla! I shall start my Christmas shopping early!!! πŸŽ„β˜ƒβ„


  2. These are such wonderful reviews! And lots of books that I am not familiar with which is always interesting. Well done you – I can’t wait to show Frank & Emily in the morning.

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